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The One to One Future, co-authored by Don Peppers and Martha Rogers and published in 1996 was ahead of its time.  It foretold the end of mass marketing using generic messages and the rise of messages specific to individuals. Customers would be gained one at a time.  That wasn’t a change….it was a revolution.   At the time the internet was in its infancy as a marketing tool and most phones were still plugged into the wall.  Many marketers couldn’t connect the dots.

Well, the future is now.  Smart marketers know that their customers and prospects are not faceless pages of statistics.  They are living, breathing human beings that use technology to take charge of the marketing process.  Embracing this change in crafting your message and selecting where those messages are placed will allow you to create more effective marketing campaigns.

Create a persona

The greatest challenge is to know your customers and prospects so intimately that you can speak to each individually.  Both demographic (age, income, gender, race, education, marital status, etc.) and behavioral (social interests, purchasing habits, lifestyle preferences, media use, etc.) data must be obtained and thoroughly understood.  When that happens personas can be created for customers and prospects.  Instead of numbers, a descriptive narrative is written that humanizes the people with whom you most want to engage.

Match the message to the interest

Your persona tells you your best customer and most likely prospect loves rap music, professional football and video games.  Create advertising messages that frame the product/service with these interests in mind.  After all, any individual is more likely to engage in a message that speaks directly to their interests.  You’re talking to them one to one!

Match the message to the medium

The persona also tells you what social networks, web sites, online services and traditional media are most frequently used.  So now you can take your rap-related  message and advertise on hiphopdx.com.  While your football-related message appears on espn.com.

 In 1996 the technology to do these things were not readily available to marketers.  In 2017 the “one to one future” has become the present.  Being able to speak to your customers and prospects as individuals and engaging them in a relationship is no longer just a theory.  It’s a requirement for success.

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