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We’ve been partners with furniture retailers just like you since 1984.

Kyle & Kevin Doran - Owners of R&A, Furniture Focused Advertising Agency
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We’re grateful to work with incredible clients.

The success of any relationship is built on trust, respect, and the impact of what we accomplish together. We’ve been partners with furniture retailers just like you since 1984. There is a reason why our clients are selling more and there is a reason why you’re visiting our website. Great things and even better partnerships don’t just happen by chance. They happen by the service, dedication, and work one person gives to another.

"I would recommend R & A Marketing highly to anyone that wants to get out ahead of the changing marketing and furniture environment. I couldn't do what I do without them and their invaluable team members. So happy that I didn't procrastinate on this decision."
Bear's Furniture & Mattress
Partner Since 2022
“R&A has definitely made advertising easier for our company. They replaced one of my employees with a whole team of knowledgeable and dedicated professionals. Their systems allow me and my team visibility into the Ad Plan and plenty of input into the creative process. Then they take care of all the rest.”
Furniture Connection
Partner Since 2019
“I want to thank R&A Marketing for providing us with great service, great ideas, and great execution to get great results. I would highly recommend them to any Ashley HomeStore who wants to improve there bottom and top lines sales.”
Ashley HomeStore - WV
Partner Since 2008
“R&A Marketing has helped me in so many ways. Before I had the help from R&A I was struggling meeting advertising deadlines, Coming up with the creative and trying to research the latest opportunities. Not only do we now have the oversight of our marketing that the store deserves they have educated me about marketing along the way. The Proofing system is very easy to work with. I would suggest if you are trying to get the most out your marketing to at least reach out and get more info. I think of R&A as an another employee(s) that is helping us reach our business goals. Thanks!!!”
Barron's Home Furnishings
Partner Since 2015
“It feels wonderful to have the support of a great team and to have a cohesive plan in place that we can work from and measure our successes and failures. It is great to work with a company who is as concerned about our business and growth as its owners do every day.”
Slone Furniture Logo - Furniture Advertising Partnerships
Slone Brothers
Partner Since 2014
"R&A is not the used car salesman, the one trick pony or selling me snake oil. It is clear they are the real deal in partnership with me to make a difference for both of us. They have the skills, ideas, the plan and right people. They are good, sincere and honest. In the midst of my experience I am grateful my journey has led Gorins Furniture to R&A.”
Gorins Furniture
Partner Since 2019
"Advertising is a large line item for every furniture retailer. R&A Marketing has really helped give us the discipline to stay within that budget and stick to advertising plan that works. There are so many options when it comes to marketing your furniture store. Without R&A I don’t know where we would be."
Garden City Furniture & Mattress
Partner Since 2008
"My family has been doing business with R&A Marketing since 1989. R&A helped us when we were a single store doing under a million dollars in sales. R&A has been our partner every step of the way. R&A handles 100% of our marketing and they are the marketing professionals we count on."
Star Furniture Logo - Furniture Advertising Agency - Furniture Advertising Partnerships
Star Furniture
Partner Since 1989
"We joined with R & A Marketing earlier this year to be our website host and marketing team. It's been a great relationship that has really helped give us direction in our creative advertising and a solid presence in the digital world. A great resource for the full spectrum of marketing and advertising home furnishings. Great team to work with and very responsive to our needs. I would highly recommend R & A as your partner in the furniture retail business!"
Samsen Furniture
Partner Since 2022
“The R&A Marketing team as a whole does phenomenal work! Like my family, you guys put your heart into it all just the same! We are fortunate to have you guys on our team, pushing us and helping us break barriers and meet goals we’ve never met! Thank you ALL for everything you do!!”
Hampton Furniture
Partner Since 2014
"They handle all aspects of our marketing include media buys, creative, scheduling, social media, digital – even updating promotions on our electronic monument sign out front. They provide fresh creative and promotions, are quick to respond and, most importantly for me, stay on top of us when we are holding something up for them."
Ruby & Quiri
Partner Since 2015
“We have been working with R&A Marketing since 2018. The transition went very smoothly when switching from another ad agency. This has proven to be a very good move for us and we are looking forward to a very long relationship with the team at R&A.”
Tip Top Furniture
Partner Since 2018
“R&A takes the complex challenge of marketing to today’s furniture customer and brings real tangible results to our family business. We know that we are in the hands of a family-run company that cares about us, our success, and understands furniture.”
Georges Furniture & Mattress - Furniture Advertising Partnerships
George's Furniture & Mattress
Partner Since 2009
"R&A has taken on the complex challenges we faced before partnering and has allowed us to redirect our attention to other aspects of our business. We appreciate everything they do and would highly recommend their services to other furniture and bedding retailers.”
Guynn Furniture & Mattress
Partner Since 2018
"The R&A Marketing team is a treasure to have on your side. Being in the furniture business for over 20 years, I have used all different types of advertising agencies. They all would deliver the same thing: empty promises. R&A has always been honest upfront and loyal. Their help putting together monthly advertising plans, budget control, and creative have allowed me to focus on other parts of my business without worrying about my advertising getting done."
Furniture Max
Partner Since 2020
"We have used R&A Marketing since 2000. I can’t imagine how we could function without them. The entire body of knowledge they provide is so valuable it’s hard to quantify. The speak our furniture retail language. They understand the ever changing customer and shopping cycle. The get our market. They are apart of our business family.”
Infinger Furniture Logo - Furniture Advertising Agency - Furniture Advertising Partnerships
Infinger Furniture
Partner Since 2000
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