A Win For One Of Our Clients And The Strategy Behind It

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R&A Marketing is a goal-oriented furniture advertising agency, and we are strategy concentrated. It is not far-fetched to say that our team members lie awake at night thinking of new ways to help our furniture retailers reach and surpass their targets. So when we get news that we’ve helped a client move the needle further in the right direction, we like to celebrate! After all, a win for our clients is a win for R&A. A moment like this happened recently, and we want to share how one of our retailers managed to increase their average ticket and change their storewide story from value-focused to high quality, custom products.

Our Objective:

We discovered a growth opportunity by improving our client’s average ticket. We were not trying to generate more foot traffic, but we were trying to bring in a more qualified buyer.

The Strategy:

A layered media approach. This philosophy from Justin, our VP of Client Services, has proven to deliver some strong results for our customers.

One part of this approach was to layer a digital brand story focused on one manufacturer. To increase our average ticket, we leveraged Flexsteel as the right price point to get us there. We developed a high-frequency digital approach that focused on the brand story and education of Flexsteel. We then zeroed-in our digital message to audiences that fit the right life stages to purchase Flexsteel. Finally, we layered this with a more traditional media mix and more promotional message.

The Result:

A 14% increase vs. the same month in the previous year.
The storewide average ticket increased by $102.
The Flexsteel average ticket: $1,800
Almost doubled the Flexsteel orders from the prior month

The Takeaway:

We know this strategy does not work for everyone, and we know it cannot be permanent. That is why we don’t overcommit ourselves to media because we need to be agile and move with the market. We want to keep peeling back the layers to find your growth opportunities. It is not always as simple as more feet through the door.

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