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Three Store Location – Virginia 

Partner Since 2018

We have been partners with R&A Marketing since 2018. Prior to joining with R&A, we were constantly trying to piecemeal an advertising program together with multiple vendors across the industry. Now, the team at R&A handles all aspects of our program and has done so with a very high level of talent and professionalism. With constant creativity and innovative ideas to reach new customers, effective communication and dedicated budgeting, R&A has taken on the complex challenges we faced before partnering and has allowed us to redirect our attention to other aspects of our business. We appreciate everything they do and would highly recommend their services to other furniture and bedding retailers.”
Larry Blevins

Guynn Furniture's Current Campaign

Sure we could show you our favorite campaign or a collection of the best creative we have done (click here to see the video). At R&A, we believe our best case study is the next event. We work on the next parade. Not celebrate the one that just occurred. 

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