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What time is it?

Do you have an internal alarm clock that awakens you every morning? Do you always know what time it is, to the minute? Or are you lucky to be somewhere in the ballpark, give or take an hour or two?

I bet at work you always know what time it is… how long until your next break, when you have to be back from lunch, when you get off. Days off, on the other hand, have a different agenda. That’s personal time!

When Ms. Jones shops at your store, she’s using her precious free time. Every minute counts, and every one had better be pleasurable. Do you respect her time? Does she look forward to passing the hours with you? What else can you do for her or offer to her that will make her time well spent?

Did you know that Ms. Jones spends two different currencies in your store? One is the good old US dollar. The other is time. You know all about adding value to her pocketbook.

Do you add value to her calendar?

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