REALTOR® Rewards

Rather than realtors spending their own dollars on thank-you gifts, your furniture store could be issuing a gift card in the realtors name with your very own REALTOR® Rewards program.

Text “Realtor” to 

614-389-9616 For Pricing

Online Sign Up

A REALTOR® Rewards website will be created to match your look and brand.

Digital Gift Card

The realtors client will be automatically sent an email with your digital gift card.

Points Management

Adjust balances by adding or removing points based on how you decide to give rewards.


Anytime a realtor earns points they will receive an automatic email notification with their point balance.

Admin Login

This is where you can see and control all of the realtors, points, stats, and grant points.

Realtor Login

Realtors can see their points, request gift cards, and contact you for support and/or questions.

Member Hooks


Reward your users with points for signing up for you program.


Rewards users points for being a member for each year.


Users can earn points for each REALTOR® they reffer.

REALTOR® Rewards
Get In Front Of Home Buyers

Text “Realtor” to 614-389-9616 For Pricing

This allows your store and your brand to get directly in the hands of new homebuyers, and it allows realtors to give their clients a valuable gift at no personal cost! In fact, realtors can even earn rewards every time they utilize your REALTOR® Rewards program.