digital media and local expertise

Customized Digital Strategy

We help maximize your marketing budget and only pay to advertise to people who are already looking for home furnishings and live near your store. 

Your dedicated marketing teams are well-versed in multi-channel campaign best practices to ensure that your customers are immersed in your brand throughout the life of your campaign. Our technology allows us to measure performance and make real-time adjustments to improve your campaign.

Strategy - Technology - Creative - Amplification

our digital Medias


Lead customers down a clear sales funnel, track their progress, and re-engage them.


Spread the word about big events and collections to new customers.


Engage with your community via hyper-target ads that drive conversions.


Follow your customers wherever they browse and re-target them.


Use OTT or Pre-Roll to ensure TV ads are seen by the next generation.

& More

We find the right digital media for your customers that match your strategy.

Our Digital

Create Impressions

Ensure your messages are seen by the right people. Keep your sale top-of-mind despite a lengthy purchase cycle

Increase Engagement​

Get insight into your audience with engagement (comments, likes, clicks, opens). Create opportunities to connect with customers


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Pathway to Success

Target Your Audience

  • Customer lists
  • Lookalike lists
  • Geotargeting
  • Pixel retargeting
  • Email retargeting

Tell Your Story

  • Sales & Offers
  • Products
  • Brands
  • Staff
  • Community

A Step-By-Step Roadmap To Success

One-Stop Furniture Agency


Design that is meant to inspire emotion, action, and sales for your brand.


Communicate and convert with today’s online customers.


Complex data into easy-to-read analysis that shows your ROI.

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