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Can you talk the talk?

Are your commercials full of female buzzwords like “beautiful,” “pampering,” “soothing,” “nurturing” and “pretty?” Do your print ads use pastel colors and swirly shapes? Does your POS marketing feature a softly smiling Mrs. America contestant airbrushed within an inch of her life?

Well, congratulations! You’re using Lady Lingo! And Ms. Jones can spot this jive a mile away.

According to Dori Molitor of WomanWise LLC, What Ms. Jones wants is “a better experience… not a better advertising slogan. It’s a business opportunity, not an ad hoc marketing initiative.” Ms. Jones might be flattered by your fluff, and it might even lure her into your store. But what then? Will she find a company that hired some slick to lay their trap, or will she find a place that finally understands her needs, meets her desires and makes her feel at home?

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