Furniture Focused Advertising Agency

For over three decades furniture and mattress retailers have used R&A Marketing to manage and grow their business.

We Help Retailers 'Sell More' Through Our WORK.

We Obsess About Creating Great Work That Works Great

R&A Marketing is built on one solid foundation that successful relationships are built on trust, respect, and inspiration. Together, these values determine the impact of our accomplishments. At the core of it, it is all about service and doing the right thing for the customer.

Website + Technology

We build furniture focused websites and technology that give furniture retailers the competitive edge. Your online store needs to drive conversions and work without a hitch. Your business shouldn’t have to worry about how things work under the hood. We handle the work you cash in the sales.

Premier Full Service Marketing

We specialize in determining where our clients will see the best return for their marketing dollars, developing campaigns that produce results and then refining those campaigns to lower costs. We develop strategies that will grow your business and help your store thrive. Data, research, and analytics guide our process and your success.
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