What’s UP with UPS today?

Traffic used to be king. The more people that walked through your doors equaled a higher chance of making a sale that day. Today? Traffic still rules supreme, but a good portion of your customers won’t walk through your actual doors – instead, they’ll walk through your virtual world.

Simple Steps to Improve your Facebook Page and Sell More

Of course you want your Facebook marketing and communication campaign to be successful, but first you’ve got to be likeable! Below are the top-12 ways to generate more likes, clicks and fan interaction to build a powerful sales channel for your business: 1. Use a Landing Tab to Offer a Compelling Reason for People to […]

How to Grow Your Business Through Social Media

“How to Grow Your Business Through Social Media” Do me a favor. Grab a sheet of paper and pencil. Go to your desk, the bathroom, outside, or wherever you think the best and write down five ways you think you can sell your product through social media. You got it? Great! Now throw it away. […]

Don’t Aim for Consistency, Aim for Cohesion in Social Media

Don’t Aim for Consistency, Aim for Cohesion One of social media’s best qualities is content: creating it, sharing it and engaging with it. Quality content will inspire, inform, educate or even entertain your customers (and if you’re really lucky, it does all four!). So if you’re looking to engage with your customers to keep them […]

Western Retailer Magazine Article

Its all about sales and marketing, Facebook 101 Facebook has become a social foundation for communication. People can see what you’re doing, where you are doing it, how you are doing it, and why you’re doing it—as you are actually doing it. We have entered the Facebook age. It’s time to jump on board and […]

Five Retail Resolutions That Rock

2010 may not have been the best year for retail, but it’s behind us now! Don’t look back. 2011 promises a fresh start for success. Begin your new year with five resolutions that will rock your business world for years to come:

Social Media vs. Social Networking

Social Media vs. Social Networking (Is there really a difference?) Social media is the term used to describe the various media that people use to communicate online in a social way such as blogs, wikis, video and photo sharing. One compartment of social media is social networking. Social networking, in short, is how people interact […]

Who is handling your likes?

Recently, R&A Marketing visited with Spencer Furniture in Spencer, Massachusetts to do a discovery. A discovery is a process where you will uncover the felt need of your customer. It also provides you with the necessary ammunition to speak and act in a way that turns them on. Truly creative direction positions the customer as […]

There Are No Quick Fixes

“What {insert medias} get the best ROI?”
Having a website that is dynamic, search engine optimized and has layers upon layers of content is not going to drive in business alone. However, having multiple followers on your Twitter, hundreds of fans and mentions on your Facebook and ping backs on your blog post do not line people up to buy your product and services either.

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