Spring Cleaning Tips for Your Social Channels

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Take spring cleaning to a whole new level! It’s time to dig deep into your social channels and polish up your social outreach. The following are five tips to refresh your social channels.

#1: De-clutter Your Fan Base

You don’t need those inactive users on your social channels. You can use tools such as tweepi to detect and weed them out! This way, you can start out the season with a cleaned out, organized, and socially engaged fan base.

#2: Give Your Channels a Social Makeover

Toss the old gear and replace it with updated styles! Switch up your cover images on Facebook and Google Plus, profile pictures, and social

channel backgrounds to show your brand off in a fresh, modern light. Your fans will definitely take notice!

#3: Refresh Dusty Social Channels

Now is the time for you to re-evaluate your social channels. When is the last time you posted? If you find that pages are unused, abandoned, or lackluster, that means no one is engaging with your brand. Rethink your social strategy and decide what works best within your social channels to maximize fan engagement.

#4: Organize Lists

You should create lists on Twitter that match your demographic and social influencers. It’s important to identify and organize those key people who make your marketing mix successful, whether you create a private list of competitors or publicly announce your best customers. This will also help you listen to relevant conversations based on the audience you’re targeting.

#5: Spring Into Action

Take advantage of the sunshine and your refreshed social channels! Team up with a local community group or nonprofit to plan and host an outdoor event!

Take this time to use these tips and modernize your social media marketing! As the days brighten up outside your social channels will also be brightened up and attract new fans and interactions.


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