Media Planning

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Media Planning

Our Belief

As a furniture retailer, your world is increasingly complex. The customer landscape is shifting at light speed, and there is more competition and more choices for Ms. Jones to select from every day. Ms. Jones now controls how she wants to buy product and how she wants to consume media. Focusing on just one aspect of media (either online or offline) will only lead to mixed results and decrease the return on investment.

Today mobility of the consumer causes Internet to be intertwined with all of types of messages. That means frequency of media selection is more important than frequency on a specific media.


Customized Strategy

We whole-heartily believe that strategy dictates media, not the media dictating strategy. We use our experience to develop media campaigns based on exceeding your goals. We buy the most efficient media for our clients by coupling our deep insight and knowledge with strong rate negotiations and cutting-edge buying technologies. 

After the buy is placed, we diligently measure and optimize our strategy by using performance data to quantify current media effectiveness. With MassMedia, you get seamless campaign execution, savings, and better results. Finding the right medium for your business is incredibly vital to helping your business grow

Change With Impact

Large scale items that are intended to interrupt Ms Jones but only for a short duration.

  • Billboards
  • Outdoor Signs
  • Indoor Signage (digital or printed)
  • Cinema Advertising

Change with Frequency

Items that are bought that have reach that frequency of message delivers interruption.

  • Radio
  • TV
  • Banner Ads
  • Pre-Roll
  • OTT/Connected
  • Non-Customer Email

Change with Targeting

Targeting a set audience frequently to ensure she knows exactly what we have to offer.

  • Direct Mail
  • Inserts
  • Newspaper
  • Social Ads
  • Customer Email

Audit Audit Audit

We constantly are evaluating what worked and what didn’t work. Trying to spot trends and move the fence post forward or backward to get bottom-line results.