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All planning had better be strategic or it’s just a waste of oxygen

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The Power Of A Plan

Marketing isn’t “one size fits all” – one business may thrive from advertising on Facebook while others might not benefit from it at all. Some of our clients see huge returns from PPC, while it isn’t a good paid advertising option for others due to costs and profit margins.

We specialize in determining where our clients will see the best return for their marketing dollars, developing campaigns that produce results and then refining those campaigns to lower costs. We develop strategies that will grow your business and help your store thrive. Data, research, and analytics guide our process and your success.

Core Solutions

Plain and simple. You want measurable results. More partnership, less transactional. We create marketing strategies that are designed around you.

For one low monthly fee get assigned a senior level marketing strategist with over 10+ year’s experience within the home furnishings space to concept out promotional activities, brand building initiatives and media selections all while keeping your bottom-line profits up.

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Growth Maintenance

We’re not the high impact sales team. We’re the team that is focused on making the retail valleys not as low and the peaks A LOT higher.

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Localized Approach

We work with retailers everyday in every type of market. By combining local media and our national buying power we create an integrated marketing plan focused on producing the best possible ROI every day.

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Best Practices

Advertising that is constantly measured and optimized against analytics gathered from over 30 furniture retailers nationwide. We just don’t guess, we know!

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Our core focus is independently owned brick and mortar stores. A lot of our tactics and strategies can apply to any retailer but our focus is about driving traffic to the local retail level.

We have a Director of Retail on staff, who is a current client and has been a furniture retailer for 20 years. This person will secret shop your locations during on-boarding and also visit your other competitors. We also run your customer list through multiple profiles to get an understanding of your market verses national averages.

Nothing that we do will be better than what you do now. You are in business for a reason and probably are really good at most things in your business. What will get better is that no longer focusing on the daily aspects of marketing will only increase the likelihood of all other elements of your business success.

We won’t and if that is the solution you need then we are the wrong service for you. We build sustained and lasting growth over a period of months and years. We believe in maximizing profit while minimizing expenditure. That sort of process doesn’t lend itself to overnight success.

All medias are dead relative to the old ways of measuring and producing advertising. Today’s media landscape requires a multi-platform approach because every single media is hyper targeted. Although, print is not nearly as strong as it is used to be, it’s viewership is incredibly loyal and highly targeted. They want the platform and that means they will consume it.

We believe at least 80% of your budget should be spent on the physical medias that are running. We also aim to be spending at least 30% of the actual media costs (80% of your budget) on digital vehicles. The rest is spread out based on what the market and media availability is.

That is correct that we don’t understand the specific local media that you leverage. However, we do work with media in over 60 different markets throughout the United States. We know that although the economy of markets is different, most media rates are based on a combination of demographics available and demand. We can apply other market’s rates and demos to begin to get you the best value.

We will ensure that your cost of advertising will be between 4-6% verses total sales (including our fee as long as you spend $12,000 or more per month) and that you will always be having an event or campaign running to give you the best shot at success. Any other guarantee of success would be foolish and narrow sighted to our overall vision which is to set you up for long term success.

How Much Does It Cost To Work With R&A?

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