Pinterest Vs Facebook

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5 things we’ve learned about the on going debate of Pinterest vs. Facebook. The following statistics are provided by boticca.com.

Based on a sample of 50,000 visitors from Pinterest and 50,000 visitors from Facebook.

1. Pinterest users spend more than twice as much as Facebook users

a. Facebook users spend on average $85

b. Pinterest users spend on average $180

2. Pinterest Drives more sales than Facebook

a. Facebook influenced 7% of transactions

b. Pinterest influenced 10% of transaction

3. Pinterest helps you acquire more new website users

a. Facebook 57% new users

b. Pinterest 86% new users

4. Pinterest users are NOT as engaged as Facebook users

a. Pinterest users spend

i. 65% less time on site vs Facebook users

ii. 70% less time on site vs website average

b. Pinterest users visit

i. 44% less pages on site vs Facebook users

ii. 52% less pages on site vs website average

5. Pinterest HURTS your conversion rates

a. Pinterest has

i. 51% lower conversion rate vs Facebook

ii. 73% lower conversion rate vs website average

So what does this all mean?

  • Social Media has the power to influence customers buying decisions
  • Facebook STILL has the power to drive sales and engagement
  • Pinterest has gained the power to drive sales and engagement

What should you be doing about it?

  • Its where your customers are
  • You should be actively using both social media outlets to move your retail store forward.


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