Our Values

establish and sustain lasting relationships

R&A Marketing has a universal commitment to serving our customers, partners and employees with integrity, loyalty and respect to establish and sustain lasting relationships.

R&A Core Values

It’s About The Customer

  • We need to develop a great respect for our clients.
  • We have a great duty to provide for our clients families and employees.

It’s About You

  • It’s more than a job. You need to fuel your passion.

It’s About Us

  • Staying relentlessly focused on respect for one another. We all need to do great while doing good.

R&A Beliefs

We as an agency need to value long-term reputation more than short term gain.

Be One – I know what R&A must deliver, and I align my daily actions with others to make it happen.

Be Real – I am open, honest and respectful in my words and actions every day.

Be Bold– I demonstrate courage in everything I do to create the future of R&A.

Build Trust – I listen, seek to understand and always assume positive intent.

Love Customers– I engage with customers and passionately innovate to exceed their needs.

Own It – I constantly ask, “What else can I do to achieve our results?” and refuse to blame others.

Live It – I wake everyday and do my best to succeed.

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