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Don’t even think about it. Under no circumstances, ever, should you even dare to ask if the Beverage Bar is included at this buffet. In case you didn’t get the message, they’ve told you once, twice, EIGHT times on signs posted in the parking lot that boldly and badly proclaim, “Beverage Bar Not Included.”

I felt punished before I even walked in the door.

Can you picture the corporate level meetings, customer complaints and employee grumbling that led to this policy? I can even understand that it’s necessary to clear up confusion and preempt complaints. But what I don’t understand is why they didn’t find a better way to say it.

How about, “Belly up to the Beverage Bar for just $1.99!” OK, maybe that line needs some work—but you get the idea. State the positive instead of the negative, and your customer will feel like they’re getting a benefit instead of a spanking.

What are your “No’s”? We’ve all got ‘em: No sales without a deposit. No returns. No smoking.

  • Your new furniture will be ordered upon receipt of your deposit.
  • Your order is custom made just for you! Please double check for accuracy as this is a final sale.
  • A smoking patio is provided in the rear of the parking lot.

Parents of toddlers will tell you, saying “No” all day is exhausting. No, you can’t put Cheerios in the toilet. No, you can’t lick the dog.

No, you can’t tell Ms. Jones “No.”

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