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You may have noticed mavericks arent very popular these days.  Samuel Augustus Maverick was the original. He was a Texas lawyer, politician, land baron and signer of the Texas Declaration of Independence who refused to brand his cattle. Soon unbranded ranch animals and Presidential candidates became known as mavericks, dissenters who refuse to abide by the dictates of a group.

But the group known as the American people decided they dont want a maverick. While clamoring for change, the only change on their minds is the recent economic change, and the change they want is not so much a new thing but a return to the old things. Peter Beinart wrote in Time Magazine, “The public mood on economics today is a lot like the public mood on culture 40 years ago: Americans want government to impose law and order to keep their 401(k)s from going down, to keep their health-care premiums from going up, to keep their jobs from going overseas and they don’t much care whose heads Washington has to bash to do it.”

How can you help meet Ms. Jones need for law and order, safety and security, without making her want to bash your head in?

Samuel Augustus Mavericks grandson coined the term gobbledygook. How many families do you know who invented words, let alone two really cool ones?  What words will make Ms. Jones blackball your ballot, and what words are turning her head?

What is it about the I’m a fighter routine that people are tired of, and how can you avoid the same fate?

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