Marketing Goals for Your Second Quarter

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When finalizing events for the upcoming quarter, it’s important to define specific goals that will help you reach the sales that you want and the market penetration that will help you grow your business in the future. These are goals that we are using at R&A to be proactive about next quarter’s marketing efforts

Utilize interruptive digital marketing strategies.

Rather than spending your digital advertising budget on static ad spots such as pay-per-click, use this quarter to find markets that allow you to grab attention from your audience as they’re browsing the web. Boosted Facebook posts will place your brand and offers right alongside photos of their friends and family, and targeted email campaigns will put you directly in your consumer’s inbox. This type of exposure can help the shopping process of Ms. Jones. It allows us to not be dependent on hoping that she sees our direct mail piece and help build a complete marketing solution for our customer.

Showcase the product 50/50 with the special offer.

When we promote specific furniture pieces and collections as part of our event, we’ve seen a 20% increase in the sale of these specific products. Our clients have been able to move clearance items, sell higher volume room packages, and plan for increased sales on specific products. Simply showing a customer that not only can she get special financing, but she can get a specific amount of special financing on specific furniture, the offer becomes more concrete and therefore more desirable.

Use profit to expand your business.

Instead of becoming complacent with recent success, use that momentum to further your business. Start by deciding what your ultimate goal is for your business. Do you want to expand your current infrastructure, or do you want to expand to multiple storefronts? Once you’ve decided how to best capitalize on your profits, you can begin speaking with contractors or scouting out locations to expand. You can also decide whether additional staff would help you continue to be more profitable into the future.

Starting to focus on these types of goals can only help propel you further in 2106.




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