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Many marketers are now using blogs (web logs) as part of their marketing campaigns.  That’s a very good thing…any opportunity to create and share new content across all media platforms is a way to keep your brand current and fresh.  Due to the nature of blogs, however, they can often wander off the beaten brand path in terms of look or message.  That’s NOT a good thing.

Maintain brand identity in your blogs.  That means using the same colors, graphic elements and message tone.  Consistency at every point of customer contact is a necessity.

Create meaningful content.  Just like your other marketing tools, your blogs should be both compelling and salient.  How do you do that?  Start by monitoring the industries in which your target audience works and the companies they work for.  You will find an endless source of hot topics and items of interest that will be will be sure to catch attention.  Set up Google Alerts or use other monitoring services to make this task easy.

Establish an “editorial calendar”…and stick to it.  Look at your blog as a news source.  Take the subjects from your content monitoring efforts and create a consistent schedule for publishing.  Use one of the many calendar applications and make sure you stick to the schedule.  Your readers need to know when to look for your next story.

Promote your blog.  Make sure you email list is comprehensive and up to date.  Use on-going email messages to promote your blog.  Then determine the most favored social platforms/groups used by your audience and post your blog to those platforms.  That may attract new viewers in addition to reaching your core.  Use Google Alerts or any of the other online monitoring services to look for comments made about your brand by others.  This will give you direction for reaching out and/or allow you to comment quickly if there is a problem.

Invite interaction.  Let your viewers comment or interact in other ways.  The more you engage your audience the more they feel like your brand is something they know and like.  That kind of feeling is what leads to conversion.

At R&A Marketing our planning process is based on complete integration messaging across all media.  Our goal is to make every campaign seamless in terms of continuity and brand integrity.  If you find yourself using more and different media platforms and want to make sure each one is working toward the same communication goal, give us a call.  We’re happy to share real market examples of how it’s done…and how well it works to build brands.

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