Leveraging LinkedIn As A Business

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LinkedIn is a social platform designed specifically for the business professional. It’s used by over 160 million people worldwide; who nearly did

4.2 billion professionally oriented searches within the platform in 2011 and is set to surpass more than 5.3 billion this year.

The keyword to remember about LinkedIn is its designed specifically for business professionals. LinkedIn is not a social network to help drive sales for B2C companies. It can however help drive awareness of your company if you use it in the right way. If you can position your company the correct way on LinkedIn you’ll

have opportunities to drive awareness for your products and services and ultimately, grow your business.

Here are 5 ways to start leveraging LinkedIn for your company:

Complete Your Profile – Individual profiles are the base of networking on LinkedIn. People connect with people, not necessarily to businesses. So it’s important that your employees and especially your sales teams have updated profiles that represent your company is the best light. LinkedIn suggests that a 100% completed profile provides you with a 40% greater chance of successful networking.

View Kevin Doran’s LinkedIn profile for helpful tips and ideas!

Create a Compelling Corporate Page – Make sure your company can be found in the LinkedIn companies directory and that your company can be followed by members who want to know about your company.

View R&A Marketing’s LinkedIn page for helpful tips and ideas!

Leverage Groups to Build Your Network – LinkedIn groups allow professionals in the same industry or with similar interests to share content, find answers and make business contacts. As a LinkedIn member you can create your own group. However, it is often easier to find an existing group that matches your businesses DNA.

Share Your Knowledge and Expertise – The best and most basic way to share is via the status update. Aim for two or three updates per day and focus on the quality. Be sure to share news about your company and industry that will fit the mold of your followers.

Recommendations – Recommendations can be a powerful tool for both individuals and companies. To get personal recommendations, it’s best to give them first. LinkedIn requires at least three recommendations in order for your profile to be marked 100% complete. You can also request recommendations for your product and services from your company profile page.

However, like we always say. Social media alone won’t drive traffic into your store. The key to being truly successful is digging beyond the typical ad speak of retailers to spotlight your strong points and what makes you unique in a world of strong competition. This is accomplished and delivered through a fully integrated marketing plan that delivers results through sales—not impressions.

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