How to Increase Revenue with Little-to-No Media Spend

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Every company knows how important it is to connect with customers on Facebook. Social media is a great place to establish expertise, introduce new products, and promote sales. But as the number of posts from businesses grow, Facebook has to pick and choose only a handful of posts to appear in peoples’ newsfeeds. Facebook prioritizes posts from business pages that consistently produce engaging content – or content that has high numbers of likes, shares, and comments.

But as any content marketer will tell you, producing quality content that gets a lot of engagement isn’t easy! That’s where Freebie Friday can help. By creating consistent giveaway posts and building a strong audience around those posts, you can beat Facebook’s algorithm. This way you can post transactional or promotion-driven posts and still have them appear in your audience’s newsfeed without having to pay for the impression. Freebie Friday Giveaways can help you increase revenue while spending little-to-no media dollars. 

R&A creates highly engaging posts by relying on the one thing that is true for every market at all times: PEOPLE LOVE FREE STUFF

Yes, we “pay” for impressions and engagements on Facebook without actually boosting our posts by giving away prizes on our clients’ pages. These posts, often branded as Freebie Friday Giveaways, ask that people Like, Share, or Comment on the post to be entered to win a prize.

Take a look at the stats of two Freebie Friday posts from Ruby & Quiri, who has been utilizing this type of giveaway for over five years:

R&Q Freebie Friday Post Stats Gift Card

These numbers are impressive, right? But I know what you’re wondering, why should we spend time and money on posts that just give away free stuff instead of boosting posts that drive sales?

Because the thing to remember about Facebook is that they prioritize posts from pages that have consistently engaging posts. So the more often you have posts like a Freebie Friday giveaway, the more Facebook will put all of your organic and paid posts into your audience’s newsfeed. It’s a positive feedback loop that just keeps growing!

Star Furniture began implementing Freebie Friday posts in November of 2018. At that time, the average reach of their organic posts was between 200-300. This means that an organic post would appear in the newsfeed of approximately 200-300 people.

Star Furniture Average Facebook Post Reach 8/2-10/29 2018

Now let’s look at the average reach of their organic posts for the period directly after implementing Freebie Friday Giveaways.

Need to see more evidence? One year later we are still seeing high levels of reach for Star Furniture’s organic posts:

Star Furniture Organic Facebook Post Reach 7/28-10/24 2019

Since we did not drastically change any other organic or paid posts during this timeframe, we can reasonably conclude that the Freebie Friday posts drove higher levels of reach. And when we take an even closer look at the individual posts, we see that the promotional and transactional posts after implementing Freebie Friday were also seen by more people and had higher levels of engagement. In fact, just to reach the same number of people with boosted Facebook posts, we would need to spend at least $500 over the course of 30 days. So if each Freebie Friday prize costs $100 or less, we automatically see that these posts are a cost-effective way to spend ad dollars.

What Makes a Giveaway Post Engaging?

In order for a post to be seen in many newsfeeds, it needs to reach high levels of engagement. This refers to likes, shares, or comments on a post… basically any time someone interacts with a post. That’s what makes the Freebie Friday format ideal; users must interact with a post in order to enter to win. Even if you boost or sponsor a post you cannot guarantee that users will engage with it. You literally cannot buy that type of exposure. And don’t forget, every time a Freebie Friday post is seen, that person is also seeing your business name and profile picture. Talk about brand awareness!

In addition to posting the giveaway posts and winning posts each week, we try to post the pictures of winners as they come to the store to pick up their prize. This helps show the human side of our clients and solidify their place as a part of their communities. It also proves that these giveaways are real and gives friends of the winner a chance to congratulate them!

Are you ready to start creating Facebook giveaways?

Here are the steps we utilize for general Freebie Friday posts. You will need to organize the prizes, schedule giveaway posts for Mondays and select winners to post on Friday. Then don’t forget to showcase photos of your winners!

How to Create a Facebook Giveaway Infograph

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