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Good news for those of us who are being held back from achieving our dreams by the pesky cords on our hair dryers! The Infiniti Cord Keeper “is all you need” to be free. “Life is too beautiful to miss,” touts the advertisement. “Don’t let a cord slow you down.”

Who knew? The only thing holding us back from enjoying all life has to offer is an electrical appliance. Speed up your styling and improve your life for only $39.99.

Ms. Jones isn’t buying it.

She doesn’t believe a blow dryer will blow her burdens away, a sofa will solve all her problems or she can sweep all her troubles under a 9×12 Oriental rug – even if it’s on sale.

It’s tempting to overstate our claims. Ms. Jones is bombarded with bombastic media and we’re competing for a shrinking share of voice. How else will she hear us?

We humbly suggest a new tactic, one that doesn’t scream “lowest prices in our history!” or “greatest sale on earth.” It’s called honesty. Tell her the truth. Features and benefits aren’t outdated. You have a product that really should matter to her. Your job is to help her understand that, not to make her believe.

I was taught, “Don’t say anything that can’t be shown with a movie camera.” Boy, that will limit your hyperbole.

Ms. Jones will appreciate it.

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