How a Furniture Retailer Uses Texting Technology

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You’ve probably had some exposure to texting technologies, whether you invest in one or have talked with a provider. In the R&A Engage package we offer Text Request as a solution for communicating with customers via text. This is software that installs a widget on a website so customers can chat in real-time with members of your staff with no cap to the number of texts allowed. We asked one of our agency partners how Text Request has benefitted them:

We tried Text Request because we were curious if customers really wanted to interact with our store via digital communication. We have been blown away with the amount of interaction we are seeing from customers through our website, and we love the fact that any member of our staff, from delivery, sales to management can use the tool to communicate and monitor conversations we have with customers. We use Text Request for two main functions, including general questions and sale inquiries through our website, and to communicate with current customers regarding order status, delivery notifications and follow up after delivery. We are seeing a very high level of engagement and satisfaction from our customers because it fits into how they communicate on a daily basis.

– Chris Chamberlin, George’s Furniture

Since installing Text Request, our clients have seen a 62% increase in response rate compared to a traditional email contact form. Furthermore, 53% of customer texts are product/price inquiries. Our agency partners are making sales online through Text Request or bringing in qualified customers with precise knowledge of what they are looking for.

6 Ways to Use Texting Technology

There have also been other benefits to using Text Request. Chris also says, “I love how Text Request allows us to view and monitor our interactions with the customer. I can see every communication that flows through Text Request on my phone or computer. It provides me the peace of mind, knowing that our staff is following through with the customer and to learn how we can use digital tools like this to better serve our customers going forward.”

Text Request also allows owners to set up automatic responses during closed hours with messages that someone will respond during normal business hours, and the software is set up so that each customer contact is treated as an “up” to the sales team. Whoever is first to respond to the inquiry owns that “up” just as they would on the showroom floor.

Text request widget

Have you invested in a texting technology?

R&A wanted to make sure furniture retailers are utilizing the best possible texting technology. With easy website integration, auto response options, and unlimited texting, we believe our texting platform gives retailers the chance to compete with any company in their market. Read about the 25+ features that Text Request offers here, or text “Text Request” to 614-389-9616 to learn about pricing.

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