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You can never tell what my stick people are doing; my heads are always too big for my bodies.

Most of us probably don’t consider ourselves creative. Yet, if you ask a class of second graders, “Can you dance? Can you draw? Can you sing?” they will all say yes. Ask a class of college freshman and they will all say no. Somewhere along the line we lose confidence in our creativity.

Yet Ms. Jones longs to be creative in her own home. She wants the reaction to each room it be, “Oh, that is so YOU!” She wants a personal style so unique that her friends call her up and say, “You’ve just got to check out the thingamajig over at the mall. It is so YOU!”

How do you help Ms. Jones imagine her inner artist?

Would you consider your company to be creative? Why or why not?

Is creativity something that can be taught? Or can it be bought?

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