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It’s All About Synergy Baby: TV and Twitter

How many people tweet? How many people have a twitter account? Well, here is what the numbers tell us:

Only 9% of adult Americans use twitter–so do not feel left out.
The Average Twitter user has 27 followers.
25% of all twitter accounts have ZERO followers.
40% of twitter accounts have never sent a single tweet.
Only 18% of twitter users tweet more than once a day.
Data courtesy of RJMetrics and EMarketer via Hub Spot

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What’s Your Story?

John Rash, a reporter and author of the “Rash Report” for Advertising Age, is an acclaimed media analyst. In his most recent article he is commenting on the ups and downs of Nielsen ratings for the network super powers, which shows are performing, which shows are not performing, and other various media gossip. Normally I disregard these articles but there was something about this particular article that caught my eye

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