2020 Furniture Year End Check List

Evaluate This Year To Set You Up For Success In 2021 2020 is a year that we would all like to forget. However, our belief is that there are incredible opportunities for growth off of the circumstances that 2020 handed to us that can prime furniture retailers of all types to flourish in 2021. We […]

4 Must-Haves To Begin Creating A Winning Marketing Strategy…TODAY

4 Must-Haves To Begin Creating A Winning Marketing Strategy...TODAY

Business is really good right now. Supply chain is really bad. Trying to find a way to generate more market share and/or penetration without spending money that is not fully guaranteed is quite the battle. We have identified four key characteristics to creating a marketing plan and budget for today that can handle the uncertainty […]

How do we market out of this?

It really is an easy answer but a hard one to say out loud. You can’t market your way out of it. It’s not that there is going to be message that you can say or a Facebook post that you can write or videos that you can distribute on multiple channels. It’s that EVERYONE […]

How to Handle Negative Reviews While Following Google Guidelines

How to Handle Negative Reviews while following Google Guidelines

Negative feedback is one of the necessary evils of business ownership. Especially as you become more and more removed from the everyday tasks of customer relations and operations, customer feedback may be one of your best tools for keeping tabs on your business. Constructive criticism gives you room to improve your business and course correct […]

Increase Organic Social Media Reach

Facebook is the one true mass media. Everyone across the country is checking their Facebook feeds for news and updates about COVID-19. Therefore, I strongly encourage our furniture retailer partners to increase the number of times they post to Facebook over the next few weeks and even the next few months. This is a great […]

Coronavirus Update from our President – R&A Marketing

Coronavirus Update from R&A

Dear valued partners, The marketing world just got different. The last 72 hours has shifted the way in which we account for and create success. There is a not a blueprint or a road map of how to navigate this nor a sure path forward for when life will turn back to normal. All we […]

How a Furniture Retailer Uses Texting Technology

You’ve probably had some exposure to texting technologies, whether you invest in one or have talked with a provider. In the R&A Engage package we offer Text Request as a solution for communicating with customers via text. This is software that installs a widget on a website so customers can chat in real-time with members of your […]

ADA Title III Lawsuits Are Piling Up… Is Your Website Compliant?

ADA Title III Lawsuits are Piling Up, is Your Website Compliant

You’ve heard about the lawsuits in the news, from your buying groups, and now even your advertising agency. This is a serious and concerning topic because no one is safe, not even Beyoncé. Companies, both big and small, are being sued because their digital assets and websites that are meant to serve the public don’t offer accessibility […]

Are You Prepared if Bad Weather Strikes?

Are you prepared if bad weather strikes?

Have you ever created an event or promotion that centered around one really big week… and then had the weather keep everyone indoors for that timeframe? Whether you can bank on a few snowy weekends during Q1 or hurricane season threatens some of your summer sales, every store can be affected by situations that are […]