Additional Numbers for Additional Advertising allows for Effective Tacking

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In the US today, people view their cell phone as a lifeline, their only source of communication with the rest of the world. It is more important now than ever to try and reach customers via phone. A very simple way of reaching your marketplace is by creating a mobile line specifically for advertising.

Set up another number through your phone company that will allow you to track effectiveness of the advertisement or use that number to drive them to a message that is set up enticing them to a special deal. For instance, call 888-225-0776 to find out if you got a special deal during ABC Promotion!” This method allows for easy tracking and to ultimately determine what is and is not working.

At its most basic level, call tracking tells a business which marketing methods and advertising campaigns are generating phone calls, and which are not. This is done by assigning different phone tracking numbers to different pieces of advertising and marketing. You can then figure out which phone numbers are generating calls and which advertising is working.

You can place these numbers over many different channels. One of the most obvious would be your website. It is surprising how many people do not have phone numbers on their website. It’s should be one of your primary advertising vehicles.

Another great channel is through social communities. In addition, try putting numbers on specific flyers or ads. Also, don’t for get about the social media world, such as Facebook and LinkedIn. You can place a number essentially anywhere your audience can see and track it.

Tracking effective advertising is necessary for your company to profit and grow. It allows you to determine what is working for the business, and provides a great opportunity for trial and error.

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