The success of any great marketing comes by integrating all online and offline media into one comprehensive marketing strategy. Focusing on just one aspect of marketing in today’s difficult business climate leads to mixed results. All planning had better be strategic or it’s just a waste of oxygen. We help you cut through miles of crap and get right to the heart of your marketing planning. Together we will live the adage that plans produce outcomes. We explore multiple scenarios, we design multiple pathways, and we will plan multiple outcomes. The result means you will know exactly where you are on the map 100% of the time.

Clients From Across The Country 

“My family has been doing business with R&A Marketing for nearly 20 years. R&A helped us when we were a single store doing under $500k in sales, and R&A has been our partner every step of the way. R&A handles 100% of our marketing, and they are the professionals we count on.”
Claycey Spurlock, Star Furniture
“R&A has a great knowledge of the furniture industry. This allows them to focus on and identify marketing that works in our field. You take that and combine it with an extremely talented young staff who understands the complexities of today’s medias, you’re are only asking for success.”
Giff Gates, Gates Home Furnishings
“Since signing up with R&A, almost all our months were better than the previous year, and most of them significantly better. Since our local economy is not substantially better than it was last year, the only major change I can attribute the increase to is R&A.”
Larry Mark, FWDG
“We have now used R&A marketing since 2000. I can’t imagine how we could function without them now. The entire body of knowledge they provide is so valuable it’s hard to quantify. They speak our furniture retail language. They are part of our business family. I highly recommend.”
Bobby Infinger , Infinger Furniture

Everything A Brand Needs To Drive Sales

All In One Complete Marketing Solution 


30 Plus Years Of Helping Furniture Retailers

When Rick Doran (founder of R&A) set out to create the advertising agency built for the independent retail owner he wasn’t aware that the first client he landed would be the industry that he would fall in love with. From that moment forward R&A Marketing has been developing effective, money making promotions specifically intended for home furnishings retailers who sell products for the home.

Whether it was turn-key circular programs for large appliance and electronics buying groups in the early 1990′s, educational events and seminars in the late 1990′s or one off, custom agency services in the 2000′s R&A’s mission has been to give a furniture retailer a real chance at success. Today the agency is still owned by the Doran family and is still 100% focused in the home furnishings industry with over 40 clients all over the country.

Success Comes And Goes.

Solutions Last A Lifetime.

Let Us Be That Solution.

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